Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My apologies

I want to extend my apologies for bugging out of both the Witchy Fitness Challenge and the The 2011 Countdown to Hallowe'en. I realize I had made commitments, but the fact is that life is complicated and I needed to prioritize. Unfortunately, these items did not make it to the top of my list. I did not, however, forget about them and hoped that I would be able to return to them "in time" (as in "before it was too late"). But, that was not to be. It hurts and it's hard but they were things that needed to be let go so that other things could be attended to.

In spite of that, I have not forgotten my thoughts and writings on honoring my body. And while I have not been following the Witchy Fitness Challenge, I have not let its goals lapse. See, I wanted to jump right into the challenge - only to realize that some things needed to be in place before I could do so. I couldn't work on reshaping my body according to my thoughts until I had some basic health practices in place. These included a way of eating that is better for my body, as well as getting some basic health issues under control. I have still been pursuing fitness (and fitness as opposed to weight loss).

Now that those items are better in hand, along with the other topsy-turvy things we call bankruptcy, the approaching holidays (including a birthday), leaving old jobs and settling into new ones, shifting financial situations, family interactions, raising a toddler - or, more simply - "Life", I am better able to focus on integrating the physical activity side of this fitness thing into my life.

Again, my apologies to those I feel I left hanging, especially to those of you who might feel the same. I am still here, still steaming along and fitness is still one of my goals. I will be sharing my progress as I go along, I'm sure. Feel free to stick around for that - or my other various and sordid musings. Also, please feel free to drop comments on your own progress in the Witchy Fitness Challenge and congratulations to those of you who are nearing your goals!

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  1. It's tough balancing everything, and as long as you did not give up, you are doing just fine.